Who Was Awarded Comenius Prize of 2016?

The winner of the Comenius Prize 2016 is the previous Prime Minister of Belgium and previous President of the European Council Mr. Herman van Rompuy.

The distinguished Comenius Award was developed in 2011 by the Foundation Comenius Museum in the Netherlands devoted to spreading out the concepts of the theologian, teacher and political thinker Jan Amos Comenius (1592-1670), who was buried in Naarden.

Comenius Prize is granted every year to an individual, job or organization performing in line with the concepts of Comenius, dedicated to the significance of education in a significant international society and encouraging to society and social advancements, or a mix thereof.

The independent jury, including professionals who recognize in the fields of Comenius: education and education, faith and faith and politics and society, nominated the prospect.

The reward itself is a glass made from Bohemian crystal (from Harrachov glass factory) with the engraving of the slogan of Comenius: Omne sponte fluant absit violentia rebus; Let whatever establish spontaneously and let violence be missing, the logo design of Comenius and the name of the winner. This reward is not a prize money.

Former winners of the Comenius Prize are Robbert Dijkgraaf (2012), now director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, as soon as the home of Albert Einstein; Paul Schnabel (2013), for several years director of the Dutch Social and Cultural Planning Office and social scientist; Louise Fresco (2014), worldwide and prominent active in the field of the world food issues and clinical research study and Geert Mak, writer of little histories positioned in the context of world history and recommending therefore that we are all residents of one world.

The winner of the Comenius Prize 2016 is the previous Prime Minister of Belgium and previous President of the European Council Mr. Herman van Rompuy. In view of the jury, he is – much like Comenius – able to bridge distinctions, concentrated on discussion, unity, and action based upon the awareness that the significant issues worldwide are resolvable with respect for worthy.

When revealing the prizewinner of the Comenius Prize, Mr. Van Rompuy remembered how Comenius discovered shelter in exactly what was tolerant Nederland. Not as an immigrant to remain, however as political and spiritual refugees in the intend to go back to his homeland.

Mr. Van Rompuy will receive the Comenius Prize on Saturday afternoon, April 2 in the Grote Kerk in Naarden. It is possible to participate in the Comeniusdag after registration through the site www.comeniusmuseum.nl

There will be the standard cultural program to honor the anniversary of the birth of Jan Amos Comenius in the afternoon of 2 April in the Naarden Great Church. The program will likewise consist of young artists from the V4 nations. The event will be participated in by the Czech Minister of Culture, Mr. Daniel Herman.
Prior to the start of the primary cultural program, at 12.45, the Ambassadors of the Visegrad nations in addition to the agents of the town of Gooise Meren and the partner Czech city Uhersk√Ĺ Brod will honor the memory of J. A. Comenius by laying the wreaths at the statue prior to the Great Church (Grote Kerk) in Naarden.